Harmony Education Solutions (HES) is a U.S.-based nonprofit consulting service that is deeply committed to providing tailored and innovative education solutions for schools worldwide. With a belief that no school should fail when proven education solutions exist, HES is dedicated to immersing itself in the unique needs of each school and community. HES draws upon its 20 years of experience running schools, leveraging successful, proven models from its founders and partners at Harmony Public Schools to create customized solutions that meet schools where they are. By equipping schools with the resources, coaching, development, and expert guidance they need to succeed, HES is helping to build a more harmonious future for students around the world.

Governance is about more than just leadership.

  • Manage the relationship between board and CEO
  • KPI for your HR department.

  • Develop an organizational chart.

  • Ensure transparency and accountability.

Build a data-driven process for continuous academic success

  • Data for good decisions.

  • Academic vision for student success.

  • Comprehensive academic model.

  • Strategies for building an instructional coaching model

Best practices in student, family, and community engagement

  • Establish a strong school culture.

  • Set a vision along with your guiding principles.

  • Student discipline programs.

  • Align both academic and non-academic support

Focus on teaching students to work together to solve real-world problems

  • Encourage students to ask questions.

  • Use technology as students conduct research, communicate, and collaborate with others.

  • Promote student success in state and national standards.

A key component to any educational model is a strong assessment system.

  • Common formative assessments.

  • Curriculum-based assessments.

  • Daily teacher observations.

  • Assessments to understand what students have learned.

Teacher recruitment and incentive programs to boost your success.

  • Compensation program that makes candidates excited.

  • Teacher development system.

  • Teacher coaching.

  • Creation of formal job descriptions.

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