Governance is about more than just leadership.

  • Manage the relationship between board and CEO
  • KPI for your HR department.

  • Develop an organizational chart.

  • Ensure transparency and accountability.

Build a data-driven process for continuous academic success

  • Data for good decisions.

  • Academic vision for student success.

  • Comprehensive academic model.

  • Strategies for building an instructional coaching model

Best practices in student, family, and community engagement

  • Establish a strong school culture.

  • Set a vision along with your guiding principles.

  • Student discipline programs.

  • Align both academic and non-academic support

Focus on teaching students to work together to solve real-world problems

  • Encourage students to ask questions.

  • Use technology as students conduct research, communicate, and collaborate with others.

  • Promote student success in state and national standards.

A key component to any educational model is a strong assessment system.

  • Common formative assessments.

  • Curriculum-based assessments.

  • Daily teacher observations.

  • Assessments to understand what students have learned.

Teacher recruitment and incentive programs to boost your success.

  • Compensation program that makes candidates excited.

  • Teacher development system.

  • Teacher coaching.

  • Creation of formal job descriptions.

For any organization to be successful, it must first know who it is, what it stands for.

  • School mission and strategic vision.

  • Your core values tell people what you believe

  • Strong understanding of STEM

If you want to effectively run a school, you’ve got to have …. well … a school.

  • More than a roof over students’ heads.

  • Facility construction and management.

  • Purposefully and carefully built campuses.

Start by determining the qualities and qualifications of candidates who can make a true impact on your schools.

  • Identify and select highly qualified individuals.

  • Learn how to write accurate and detailed job descriptions

  • Multi-step hiring process

Leadership roles can – and perhaps should – look different at different levels of your organization … and even from school to school.

  • Right combination of leaders.
  • Collaborative work between leaders

  • Determine what leadership roles are needed

No child left behind!

  • Equitable and inclusive education.

  • Value every individual as a unique human deserving of respect.

  • Identify students who are not responding to traditional instruction

Provide support for your students once they’re no longer your students

  • Support after high school graduation

  • Prepare students for college success

  • College counseling

Financial management starts with selecting the right ERP software

  • Guide you to select Financial Management Platform

  • Payroll management

  • Budget management

  • Documented procedures

Operations Department is your behind-the-scenes workhorse

  • Structure your Operations team

  • Establish a student attendance management system

  • Blind lottery for enrollment

  • Free and reduced-priced meal programs

Make sure your school website is working and your phone lines are up

  • Start with information security

  • Learn how to choose the right softwares and systems

  • Help Desk and ticketing system

  • Create a stable and secure information network

Branding is more than just a logo, your mascot, the school colors you choose, or the motto you’ve created for yourself.

  • Develop your brand to help build the visibility and culture of your schools

  • Marketing… The strategic development of the story

  • Identify the stories your school

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